Self-managed solutions

The self-managed part of the web hotel is intended for people at University of Bergen that for some reason do not get their needs covered by our managed solutions.

We demand that the solution is kept up to date regarding security patches and security issues. Please be aware that we might take steps to test a web-solution for its level of security.

For people at University of Bergen on the self-managed web hotel we will demand that the solutions installed are kept up to date regarding security patches. It is therfore our policy that site owner is part of UiB in some context.

We will also not tolerate sites that are full of spam and/or sending large amounts of email and expect the users to take measures to prevent this from happening.

We will shut down sites that do not follow these requirements.

When necessary measurements have been taken by the owner of the site and the problem is fixed, the site will be reopened by us.

In addition one have to have the technical expertise needed to operate a service where PHP and MYSQL and/or POSTGRESQL are the core technologies.

Sign on to the server is done with SSH (Secure Shell).
If SSH is not known, one should look at the standard solution Blog (WordPress) and/or the Wikihost service are also offered by the IT department.

What you get:

  • A web hotel account with PHP and your choice of either MYSQL or POSTGRESQL database
  • 2GB of storage


First consider if one of the managed solutions we offer could do just as well as a self-managed one.

After concluding that only a self-managed solution can do, create an issue in IssueTracker where you tell us why you have come to this conclusion.

We would also like to know which solution you want to set up, what organisation/project it is meant to cover and what domain name you want to use¹.

If you get an account on the “selv-managed solution” we will provide you with login details, and a Mysql database.

The rest is up to you. Thats what “self-managed” is all about.

Note January 2010!

If you are moving a site from a old server, remember to tell us when site is ready on the new server. We will then update your DNS information.

¹You decide the name of the site, which automatically gets a URL of type,

where ‘name’ is what you choose.

It is also to establish (non-UiB) domain of type [site name]. org, [site name]. net domain names, etc. Establishing these kind of none-UiB url’s must be ordered, and paid by you. We will only update the WordPress domain name mapping after the none-UiB domain name is established.