Organisations at UiB is meant for organisations at UiB that for some reason do not fit at
What you get:

  • The url eller
  • 2GB of storage
  • The possibility of publishing web pages consistiong of html and css
  • Access via samba/windows-share and sftp
  • Backup of all data. If you need a restore, create an issue in IssueTracker

What you do not get:

  • The possibility of running php-code
  • Access to a mysql-database


Create an issue in IssueTracker where you describe what you want to use the site for, which name you want for the site and which users need to upload files to the site. The users need to have an active UiB account.

Tilgang til opplasting skjer enten via windows-utdelingen \\\organisasjonsnavn eller via sftp mot til katalogen /Data/www/org/organisasjonsnavn