Personal webpages & are meant for personal webpages for employees ved UiB. Here you can publish any kind of content, as long as it does not conflict with UiBs IKT-regulations or other rules and regulations.
To publish content you need to have an active UiB employee or student-account.

What you get:

  • The url’s og
  • 5GB of storage.
  • The possibility of publishing webpages consisting of html and css.
  • Access via samba/windows-share og sftp.
  • Backup of all data. If you need restore, create an issue in IssueTracker.

What you do not get:

  • The possibility of running php-code.
  • Access to a mysql-database.


A web directory at people will be created automatically by accessing the windows-share \\\username where username is your own username. This has to be done from a computer connected to the UiB network, either directly or via VPN.

When the directory is created you can upload files to it via the previously mentioned windows-share. These files will then be accessible through the url’s and

You can also upload files via sftp by logging into the server and uploading files to the directory /Data/www/folk/username.