Website/wordpress-blog is running a multi-site wordpress. WordPress is one of the most used blogging frameworks on the Internet.
As an owner of a blog at you get an administrator account with the possibility to add more users yourself and to give these users different levels of publication and reading rights in your blog. You also have a choice of pre-installed themes and plugins.

WordPress was chosen because of its flexibility regarding appearance and functionality. You can use a traditional blog format – presenting content in reverse chronological order – or present your content as one or more static “pages”.

What you get:

  • The url¹

  • 2GB of storage.²

  • An admin account with the possibility of adding more accounts.

  • A choice of pre-installed themes and plugins.³

  • A blog where you only have to worry about creating content. The IT-department will do all the updates and maintenance of the blog framework.


You can create your own blog as long as you have a valid UiB User Account and email. Please see:

A user at can be both administrator and user of multiple blogs at the same time.

External users should create an issue in Issue Tracker.


It is not possible to use other domain names than those that ends with The rule applies generally, but in some very special cases it may be possible, if there is an approval from the Communication and Media Center at the University of Bergen (
Domain name without the will also get problems with ssl certificates. Normally, these domain names does not get their own SSL certificate.
² All blogs will be allocated a quota of 2GB by default. If more is needed, register your request at
³ We need to have a stable and secure Blog system, therefore there is no opportunity to:
– install your own themes and add-ons (plugins)
– install self-created and changed themes and add-ons (plugins)

In some cases we will install specially designed themes that are made by an external provider on behalf of the owner of the Blog. Any errors that are in the theme must be figured out and solved by the owner of the Blog, with help from the provider of the theme. We will only copy the related files to a such theme in the system, and connect the theme with the related Blog. We can not provide any service of error-checking, fixing of errors, discussion or dialog with the provider of the theme.

Potentially, a misconfigured theme or a plugin could cause the Blog system to stop.

If an add-on (plugin) is wanted to be installed, we ask you to:
– Create an issue at, label the issue with: “New plugin wanted”, with the reference to the plugins’ download page.
– If more than one plugin is wanted, please report one issue per plugin.

We evaluate what plugins should be installed. Installation of plugins is not a high prioritized task.
Already installed plugins will be continuously upgraded in coming updates.
Plugins that gets broken after an upgrade can be uninstalled without notice.
Plugins usually have a ranking and evaluation. If there are points that may indicate that the plugin is unstable or does not work with the current version of the Blog system, the plugin will not be installed.

Outdated plugins that are no longer maintained by the supplier, may be removed in the solution without notice.